Satan Attacks But The Lord Watches Over Us!

A couple of weeks ago one of our team leaders asked us to rebuke Satan and to pray as Satan has worked hard in the past to try and prevent team members from going on their mission trip.  This email was both surprising and frightening to me.

I failed to do this and ignored the email.

The very next day our dog Khan attacked someone and sent them to the hospital.  They are now filing a lawsuit against us.

A few days later we lost the home we had an offer on and put us in a time crunch to find a new home that we could close on and move into before our trip.

The following week I was in a collision that totaled both my vehicle and that of the person I hit.

We were told that being our first mission trip Satan was working hard to prevent us from going.  Our determination is being tested.

Please, continue to pray for us.  Pray to keep our family safe while we prepare for our mission trip, while we are in Kenya and for our safe trip back home.

Please pray for our daughter Jilly to have a supernatural sense of well being and peace while we are gone.  Please pray for her safety now while we prepare for our trip, while we are gone and after we get back.

Please pray for our success while on our mission trip and for the people we encounter there.

Please keep us in your prayers every day and evening.  We need your support.  We appreciate your support.  We thank you for your continued support.

We need your support now more than ever!

Kindest regards and much love,

Nancy Beebe and the rest of the Beebe Family

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