Day 3 at MCF Yatta

We began our day traveling to Yatta to review their sustainability programs. The water treatment plant and the crops for growing food for the children are incredible gifts from God. We met Charles son Dixon who is in charge of the development projects and you can feel his passion for expanding their capabilities to provide for the growing MCF family well into the future. We then got an opportunity to meet some of the mothers with small children who have been rescued from a horrible life on the streets. We spent time talking to the young women about their life before and after coming to MCF and we spent time playing with their children blowing bubbles and sharing God’s love for them. We saw the mothers vocational training programs for knitting and sowing where we were able to donate a large amount of yarn to the class and then we moved over to their hair and beauty training classroom. We also learned about the young men’s construction, iron work, and woodworking training programs that are helping to build the facilities at MCF. After lunch we had fun creating cross and heart shaped crafts with the women. The glitter we brought was something they had never seen before and they absolutely loved it. After that, we learned about their Christian spiritual education as part of the 2 to 3 year development program and we got to join in on their afternoon devotional worship. The impact that MCF has on these women’s lives (along with their children) is amazing. The wonderful sense of a nurturing, close knit family and community here is something you wish we had more of back home.

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