Day 3 with the MCF Mission Choir

We had the awesome privilege of seeing a private performance of the MCF Mission Choir today since they had recently returned from an 80 performance tour in Canada. The 9 young men and 9 young ladies are so incredibly talented and each of them are a true testament to how impactful MCF and our Lord Jesus Christ have been on their lives. I honestly can’t begin to describe how beautiful their testimonies of faith, singing, dancing, karate, and acrobatics performances were. To be talented in one of these areas is a gift, but to be so talented in all of them is a truly rare blessing from God. I can only pray that you get to experience it yourselves as we encourage them to come visit us in the US. I can honestly say that it was more impactful and full of positive spiritual energy than any other show or professional performance we had ever seen before. We can all learn so much by how Charles raises his children and gives them such a strong foundation in Christ.

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