Day 4 at MCF Ndalani

The day started with a tour of the sports complex development project that will allow the children to develop their athletic skills in addition to their academics. Then we walked over to the dairy farm that is being expanded to support up to 250 cows. This will provide a much larger source of milk to provide for all of the children as well as the outside community. The fresh fertilizer produced from the dairy farm will provide improved soil for the expansive vegetable farm and bio-gas produced from the cow manure will also serve as cooking fuel, just another piece of the big picture sustainability puzzle here. We saw the new water resevoir overlooking Mully Mountain as well as the water filtration plant that will improve the fresh water distribution to the entire community. It will also significantly reduce the energy consumption needed to pump water everywhere. We saw the water tower where MCF shares their clean water with the rest of the local community who would otherwise draw water straight from the river that often carries sickness and disease. After lunch, we got to tour the school classrooms and dormitory facilities and we spent time with children practicing their reading in grades 1, 2, and 3. We also spent time with the grade 12 students who are preparing for college testing exams. Please join us in praying for all of these children, may their education and their love of our lord Jesus Christ carry them to a life of success and service to our almighty God who rescued them from death and gave them a purpose.

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