Day 4 local outreach on the mountain

In the late afternoon we drove about 15 km To a nearby mountainside where we visited another local government run school with about 250 students where MCF donates food and water each day. Once again, the children were so happy to have visitors come to see them. They ran down the road chasing behind our vehicles and surrounded us as we got out and took us on a tour of their primitive classrooms. We met a teacher there (with his own beautiful baby girl) who was an MCF beneficiary that recently graduated from college and came back into the local community to help other children get an education. We climbed up the mountainside to visit with a grandmother who was caring for her two young grandchildren as well as her disabled husband after her daughter abandoned them to go to Nairobi. Their elderly neighbor was also there who carried the grandfather outside every morning and took him back inside every evening. We provided them with some food and two goats as a gift from our lord and savior Jesus Christ as we prayed over them. We then hiked across the mountainside to visit with another grandmother who was caring for her granddaughter by herself in a very small one room hut. She told us how she walked down the mountain several kilometers each day just to fetch water and how she has nowhere to cook their food indoors. When it rains they are forced to go without food even when they have it. We again provided her with food and two goats for milk and meat and she told us how extremely grateful she was for this blessing from the Lord since she had nothing to feed her granddaughter that entire day. We all put our hands on her as we prayed for God’s continued blessing and protection. There were many tears shed by the team for these two families but we had no idea what we were in store for next. 

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