Day 4 rescue of two young boys

After another long, steep hike further up the mountainside, we came to meet Angelina, a 70+ year old grandmother with 9 children (3 of which have died, one is in prison for what she believes is false pretenses, and another is in a mental health facility in Nairobi). She lives on the mountain with 3 of her daughters and 8 of her 14 grandchildren. Her husband died years ago and none of the fathers of any of the grandchildren ever took responsibility for them. 2 of the 3 daughters face their own mental health issues and one of them even refuses to have a door on her hut to protect her children from snakes coming in at night. Angelina tries to provide for them as best she can by cutting and selling wood turned into charcoal for cooking and by growing vegetables for food planted around their three small one room huts but she also has to chase away baboons from stealing their food each day which takes away from other productive activities. After donating some rice to feed her family, we all held hands together with her children and prayed over them. Angelina asks that we pray for protection from the snakes and baboons as well as for some money to travel to Nairobi to visit her son. Then we found out that our real reason for being there this evening was to rescue 2 of the 8 children and bring them back to MCF. One boy was age 6 and the other boy was age 4. My initial reaction was one of sadness for them to be leaving their mom and the rest of the family but I quickly realized what an incredible gift this was. These boys now get a chance to live. They will get three meals a day. They will receive an education. They will have another mother and father in Charles and Esther Mulli to shower them with love along with over 3500 new brothers and sisters to play with. They will be filled with the Holy Spirit and feel the awesome love of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. There was surprisingly no tears, no sadness, and no hesitation from the mother, from Angelina, or even from the two boys. I think everyone could feel that this was a true blessing from God and that these boys were likely to perish if we did not take them. I immediately turned to another one of the children around age 7 or 8 that was staying behind and knelt down beside him on the ground. His shirt was torn open exposing the ribs of his chest from malnutrition. I took his hand and immediately prayed for him as I was overcome with joy for the children we were saving and extreme sadness for the ones we left behind at the same time. I urge you to please pray for Angelina and the rest of her family right now as you read this. She continues to struggle to provide for her family on the mountainside and she is so thankful for the love of Jesus that we shared with her tonight. She prayed for our team before we left. We sang songs to the boys in their very first car ride on the way back to MCF and then watched in the darkness as other children greeted their two new brothers into the biggest family in the world.

Praise God for this incredible experience and the good work that He has called upon us to do!

4 thoughts on “Day 4 rescue of two young boys

  1. I have been so incredibly moved by reading your blog and all you are doing . My love and my prayers are with you every moment. I love you all and I am so grateful for all you are doing through MCF to be the hands and feet of Jesus .


  2. Wow. This is such a powerful post. Thanks to MCF and the Mt Pisgah team for being light in a sometimes very dark world. May God bless and protect Angelina and her family. She was able to witness the LIGHT and LOVE of Christ, through your mission….that is only accomplished by listening and following the will of God. Bless those children. Bless MCF and the MPUMC team as you trust and follow the lead of Christ. Peace and love to you all.


  3. This is such a difficult story. My prayers will be with all of the family members and with the entire team. Thank you all for being the hands and feet of Christ. I am so enjoying the posts! Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with the rest of us that were not able to go!
    In Christ,
    Lori McElroy


  4. This was such a tough story to read. My heart breaks for everyone involved but rejoices for the future of these 2 little boys. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ! I have enjoyed reading about your trip and so glad you were all able to go! I will be praying for this family and the team!
    In Christ,
    Lori McElroy


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