Day 5 taking Martha back to the Kibera slum

I could write this post telling you just how horrible we found the conditions to be in Kibera today but you can read about that somewhere else on the Internet if you wish. This story is about Martha who is 12 years old in grade 5 and was rescued by MCF only two months ago from the Kibera slum in Nairobi. She is the youngest of nine siblings, with 4 sisters and 3 brothers plus 1 brother who died. When her mother Agrepina was informed that we were coming, she cried thinking that we were bringing her back to leave her there but she was comforted when she found out that it was only just a visit. We found out that Agrepina had been struggling for months to take care of the 16 children and grandchildren in her one room “home” in the Kibera slum since she lost her job cleaning houses back in January. Now she was watching other people’s children for $0.50 per day just to get by. She had no longer been able to pay the $3.50 per week fees to the government for Martha to go to school and she often had no money to feed her. She knew that Martha would likely soon follow in her 15 year old sisters footsteps who already had 1 child with another baby on the way. You see, Martha was one of the lucky ones, she was able to be rescued before she was exposed to prostitution for survival. We assured Agrepina that her daughter was in a wonderful place now at MCF that would give her a chance at a better life and that with an education, she would be able to come back and help her family in the future. We gave Agrepina a box full of food to feed the rest of the children and grandchildren and then she asked us to pray for peace in her home, explaining that all things can be accomplished as long as there is peace. Please join us in continual prayers for God to lift up Martha, Agrepina, and the rest of this family.

One thought on “Day 5 taking Martha back to the Kibera slum

  1. I’m sure this was quite an eye opening experience. Glad to hear you’re doing such meaningful work with the people who need it the most. Prayers are with you.



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