Day 6 in Lodwar

It was an early morning as we headed back to the airport at 5:30 am to catch a 2 hour flight north to Lodwar where MCF has planted their next site to be developed. Charles has known for several years that he was being called to serve the people in this area and so the work of MCF has been launched again after a gift of 400 acres of land from local government leaders (this itself is a miracle that never happens with so much greed and corruption). So far, the nursery through grade 7 classes have been established (each class is held outdoors under a tree with a rock lined border and a chalk board) with MCF training of the local teachers, food is provided to the children for lunch every day, worship service is provided my Moses their principal, and the vision has been laid out for the future of the community to be modeled after MCF Ndalani. We saw a big difference in the people this year compared to our visit with them last year. Last year, many seemed hesitant or skeptical of our motives for being there but today they sang and danced upon our arrival, they welcomed us inside their homes with enthusiasm, and showed us how much pride and appreciation they have for their community. For a nomadic people, this is a huge change in their way of life. We toured the classes and were amazed at how well the children were doing with their lessons even though they are limited by having few books and writing materials. We walked up to see where the water resevoir will be built and then down to where the water has already been tapped from the ground. As soon as some water quality issues are resolved, this new local water source will be another miracle for the people and it will launch so many other areas of development like construction of proper school buildings, dormitories for children, a church, and greenhouses to grow food. We gathered with the community around the bore hole in the ground and celebrated with our God for this wonderful blessing. We finished the day with a ceremony of appreciation for the local teachers and leaders who wholehearted believe in the MCF vision and so unselfishly dedicate their lives to serving God’s people. We gave them each provisions of food to provide for their families and prayed for our Lord to continue to bless each of their lives. This day was filled with an incredible amount of joy and celebration, a somewhat unexpected surprise for a yet undeveloped area so full of promise. Our God is good!

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