Day 7 at MCF Turkana in Lodwar

Today we traveled from Lodwar back to Turkana to spend a second day with the community. We were welcomed back with poems, songs, dancing, and drama performances that described to us how life was before daddy Mully came to visit them and how life is now that they are part of MCF, the biggest family in the world. Charley presented the pastor and principal Moses with a carved wooden cross from Jerusalem for all that he has done to join the different tribes together as one community. After that we presented the children with soccer balls as a reward from their lord and savior Jesus Christ for working hard at their school studies, for learning their bible verses, and for their worship and prayers. The children demonstrated their love of soccer for us in a few quick games and then we presented the boys and girls teams with their own professional soccer jerseys that lit up their faces with MCF pride. After the games, we got an opportunity to provide a complete meal of rice, lamb, cabbage, potatoes, and beans and serve the entire community a hearty lunch. We ended up serving food to over 550 people from multiple local tribes in Turkana and shared the love of God together in fellowship as brothers and sisters in Christ. For the people of Turkana, we were told that today fulfilled a significant promise to them that the mission team would return and continue to support the development of MCF Turkana into the vision that Charles Mully described when they decided to give him 400 acres of their land. For the mission team, we we got to see a bigger glimpse of our God today through the love shared by this community, for “God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them”. – 1 John 4:16

One thought on “Day 7 at MCF Turkana in Lodwar

  1. This makes my heart so happy! I’m so glad to hear you were up there again and the people there are building their trust in our Lord and Savior through your being there.

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