Day 8 in Loodariak

Today we travelled 2 hours south of Nairobi to Loodariak where we visited the Maasai community. As soon as we arrived, the tribe leaders showed us the progress on the construction of their new church which they are so proud of and anxiously excited to finish. Phase 1 pouring of the concrete foundation is complete, phase 2 construction of the stone walls is complete and now they are preparing for phase 3 construction of the steel roof. They need to raise an additional $4,000 to complete the church so the entire community will be gathering on August 7th to raise the remaining funds where everyone will be bringing one of their animals to sell at market.  They are so excited to be able to more than double the capacity of their growing worship services and they ask that we pray for them in August that they will be able to raise enough money to complete it in time for a Christmas celebration. We continued on to the school where we toured the classrooms and were entertained by songs, dance, bible verse recitals, and a drama play about the prodigal son that was enjoyed by all. We enjoyed a delicious meal that was prepared for everyone in attendance before Kim presented teacher appreciation gifts, Julie presented school supplies, Craig presented funds for the school expansion, and Kevin presented sports and game equipment. Nancy was busy all day long disarming the children and getting them to smile as she has done so successfully all week. Linda prescribed and fitted much needed reading glasses and sunglasses to the community and then the group created a craft with everone consisting of an instant camera photo attached to foam crosses and hearts, with yarn to hang around their neck. It was a big hit with both the adults and the children who don’t get to see themselves and what they look like very often. Charley capped off the fun with the children by putting his Captain America costume back on and making balloon hats and animals for the kids. Our Maasai brothers and sister want you to know that they are so grateful for the grace of God and for the gracious support and prayers that they have received from Mount Pisgah over the last 10 years. They send their love and prayers to you from half way around the world.

God bless!


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