Benson Muthama

benson-muthamaThis is Benson Muthama. He is 12 years old and comes from a family of a single mother who has never been married before. As a young child, Benson never felt the love of a mother because she was always way trying to find a job to enable her to provide for her child. Benson was mostly left under the care of neighbors and well-wishers who tried all their best to ensure he had something to eat. However, this kind of life exposed Benson to become shy and withdrawn because each day came with having to find new people to provide for him which resulted in Benson being severely malnourished and sick. Thus, his mother feared that he would not survive if he continued living without food, clothing, good shelter or medical care.

Benson’s mother heard about the work MCF was doing and decide to seek help for her child. After thorough investigation, Benson’s case was considered a needy one which led to his rescue in the year 2010, he was put under a special diet to improve his health and he was enrolled in Nursery Class at MCF Ndalani. He started enjoying all the benefits such as regular meals, shelter, clothing, parental and medical care. He is currently in grade 5 and would like to be a teacher in the future. He loves playing soccer making jokes with his friends.

This Christmas, my awesome wife gave me the most incredible gift by sponsoring my friend Benson who I had the great pleasure of meeting in Kenya last June. He was one of the first children out of a group of hundreds that came up to me when we first arrived and held my hand as we walked down the road to meet his father Charles Mulli. Everywhere I turned over the course of the trip, it seemed that Benson was there beside me. I got to spend some quality time with him and his friend Dennis on the last day before we left as we toured the dairy farm and took pictures of him with the cows and goats. By becoming a child sponsor, I now get to take an active role in his success story by praying for him and writing him letters of encouragement. By taking care of the needs of this one child, MCF can now go out and rescue one more.

I thought that I would share my first letter to him that I hope was delivered to him this week.

Hi Benson,

My name is Kevin Beebe and I live in the United States with my wife Nancy and my daughter Jillian who is 7 years old. We live in the city of Atlanta and it is located in the state of Georgia. Our church is called Mount Pisgah. I am a children’s ministry small group leader at my church and I get to lead worship with a group of 3rd grade boys every Sunday who are a little younger than you.  The memory verse that we are studying together right now is Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” We are learning how God and His scripture gives us knowledge so that we can be better at whatever we do.

The last time that I saw you was in June of last year. My wife Nancy and I along with Angela took you and Dennis over to the dairy farm to take pictures with the goats and cows. I remember that you were able to hold the baby goats but none of the cows wanted us to come close to them so we just had to take pictures with the cows in the background. These pictures were used in a Christmas catalog that was shared with everyone in our church to help buy more goats. I got to share the story of meeting you with many people and it brought a smile to my face each time.

I carry your picture with me every day and I look at it each morning when I worship with God. I say a prayer for Christ to protect you, to make you healthy and strong,  and to fill you with joy and happiness as God fills your heart with His great love. I pray that you would study hard and be filled with knowledge and wisdom so that you can grow up to do God’s good work and fulfill His plan for your life. I pray that you will be kind to others and that they will be kind to you.

I will continue to write to you and pray for you and I hope to come to visit you again in a few months.

Jesus loves you and I love you.

Your friend,


If you too would like to experience the incredible gift of child sponsorship, I encourage you to visit and then you can join me on the next mission trip in July to visit with your child in person.

One thought on “Benson Muthama

  1. What an amazing letter for a boy to receive. Benson is truly blessed and I’m so glad you’ve been able to carry on your correspondence with him.

    Thank you for sharing!


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