Please help send this young man to Kenya!

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man named Ryan Felice who was filled with anticipation and excitement about his approaching graduation from Davidson College and was seeking clarity on where to start his career while keeping a kingdom focus in his life. His obvious big heart for God and his charismatic personality were infectious and we quickly formed a bond. After sharing the testimony of my mission trip experience in 2016, how it had so greatly impacted my life, and how it changed the direction of my own career to utilize my gifts for God’s kingdom, Ryan told me his story. He had been dreaming of going on a mission trip to Africa since he was 8 years old and now years later, God put Ryan and I together over lunch to try to bring that dream to life. You can read a brief version of Ryan’s story in his own words here in his support letter.

Ryan Felice 2017 Mission Trip Support Letter

Ryan has just recently graduated from college and moved to Texas to start his career, but he has an opportunity to first go on this trip and be the hands and feet of Christ if he is able to raise another $1,700.00 in the next week.

If you are able, please help support Ryan’s trip with your financial gifts and prayers. Donation instructions are included in his letter but can be made at

Thank you for helping make a dream come true, investing in a young man’s life, and investing in God’s kingdom.

God Bless!

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