Day 1 at Glory Outreach Assembly

It was a wonderful first day in Kenya as we visited with over 60 children and teachers at Glory Outreach Assembly in Wendani. As we arrived, we were treated to the children’s performances of singing, dancing, poems, and Bible memory verses. It was truly amazing to hear each one of these small children recite memorized scripture and witness the love of Jesus they all have in their hearts. We showed our appreciation for the sacrifice, dedication and commitment that the teachers have made for these children, many of which have been fostered into their own homes and live off a very small inconsistent income. We were able to serve them all a hearty lunch and then Charlie and Pedro acted out the story of how God protected Daniel as he was thrown into the lions Den. We all reinforced the story with each of the children by crafting lion faces out of paper plates and drawing pictures of the storyline on the back. A few more hours of fun sports and games activities with the children and it was time for us go.

Please join us in prayer for God’s continued blessing and provision for the children and teachers of GOA.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 at Glory Outreach Assembly

  1. I love the pictures and your team will be in my thoughts and prayers! Thank yu for keeping us updated!


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