Day 2 at Loodariak

Today was Blake’s 19th birthday! What better way to celebrate with her than to be serving God together in Kenya.

John, a leader in the Maasai community met us at the ACK Guest House for breakfast before we set out to Loodariak for the day and gave us news of a special opportunity. He explained that many non-believers who had received donations of food and water provided by Mount Pisgah UMC during the current drought were going to be at the new church this morning to see who these missionaries were and why they would come from the United States to help them. God gave us a perfect opportunity to preach the Word to people who may have never heard it before. Praise God! Pastor Pedro Silva led the community in worship by giving a sermon from 2 Corinthian’s 12 about Paul dealing with a thorn of affliction. Pedro and the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit in him did a great job of driving the message home with verse 9 which says “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” We witnessed many inspiring demonstrations of their passion for Jesus that showed us just how spiritually rich these people have become since the church was established here just a few years ago. They shared with us their great appreciation for helping them build their new church building that God has used to strengthen their people. They asked that we share their love with our church members back home and said that they will continue to pray for God to bless our church.

After the service, we shared a meal with the community and provided them with prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, school supplies, teacher appreciation gifts, and food supplies. Although translation to Swahili was a bit of a challenge for us, the common language of sharing God’s love shined through and made for a blessed day of worship with our Maasai brothers and sisters here.

Please help us pray for God to bring rain to this region as they haven’t had any since April. The landscape is as dry as our team has ever seen it. The tribe is struggling to keep their animals alive which has also led to a shortage of food for their people to eat.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 at Loodariak

  1. Happy Birthday Blake! So happy you celebrated my birthday with me in January so you could celebrate yours in Kenya in July! Joining in prayer with you for the gift of rain for those you loved on today! My heart and eyes are full celebrating our good God! Hugs to all!


  2. Great pictures–so good to see that the foundation with rocks in the middle now has walls and a roof! So fun to see pictures of you all interacting with our brothers and sisters in Loodariak.


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