Day 4 at MCF Yatta

Today we travelled from Ndalani to Yatta where there are approximately 120 women between the ages of 15 and 30 who have been rescued from lives of destitution, violence, drugs, and prostitution. They came here less than 6 weeks ago to start a two-year program of rehabilitation, educational studies, vocational training, and spiritual healing. Over 40 of them have come with babies and infants so our first order of business was to shower the children with the love of Jesus. We blew bubbles to make most of them smile and open up to us although some of them were not too impressed. After about 30 minutes, the mothers came into the room and we presented them with baby blankets from the Mount Pisgah blanket ministry. The ladies lit up with joy to receive such a beautiful gift for their children.

After the mothers fed the children, they were back to their classrooms where we visited with them in small groups to talk and encourage them in their new life at MCF and their walk with Christ. We met with pastor Josiah and pastor Mercy who talked with us about the counseling and spiritual healing program that the girls go through. Josiah has been with MCF for over 14 years and you can feel his deep passion for helping these girls come out of extreme darkness and into the light. He teaches them their new identity in Christ, helps them to heal and to forgive, and shows them that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

We spent some time with Frederick who was one of the original children who was rescued by Daddy Mully over 28 years ago. Frederick was only able to complete grade 7 in school but he was taught by Charles that God still had given him other special gifts to use to help serve others. He works at MCF to make bricks out of clay for their construction projects and he makes a portable charcoal cooking stove called a jiko kisasa that helps families in the surrounding communities to cook food safely and efficiently so less trees have to be cut down for fuel.

A little later in the day, we witnessed the testimonies of two of the girls Anne and Immaculate. Our hearts were broken and many tears were shed hearing of the pain and suffering that each one of them has been through so early in their lives but we praised God for rescuing them and bringing them to MCF so that they can heal and become a bright shining light for the love and grace of their Savior Jesus Christ. We hope to be able to share their stories with you in an upcoming newsletter.

Pastor Pedro and pastor Josiah gave the ladies a sermon in Swahili and English during evening devotion that was full of passion and very clearly being led by the Holy Spirit. It was amazing!!! The girls were shouting “Praise God, Hallelujah!” by the end of it. John T followed the sermon with a presentation of the Gideon Bible as a gift for each of them.

Our last activity of the day was to do a craft with the ladies and their children to help them remember Psalms 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.” It was a little chaotic doing a craft with 120 ladies and their 40 children but they really seemed to love it.

After returning back to Ndalani for the night and having a late dinner with Charles and Esther (BTW – the food in Kenya is AMAZING!), we were blessed with a performance by the MCF mission choir. It sounded as if angels in heaven had flew down to sing the praises of our God almighty. Such a wonderful gift and blessing before we headed off to bed!

Please join us in prayer to lift up pastor Josiah, his wife Elizabeth who is very sick, pastor Mercy and her recent marriage to her husband, Frederick, Anne, Immaculate, and all of the other women, children and workers at MCF Yatta. May God bless them with His great mercy, grace, wisdom, healing, and love and may God Bless you greatly for your continued prayers and support.

Your brothers and sisters in Kenya send you their love.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 at MCF Yatta

  1. Praise God for your wonderful day with the ladies and children at Yatta. We pray for these new gals and their children that the Lord will do a mighty work in them and help them to know that they are loved. We pray God’s blessing on all the team as they minister. Give our love to Brother Charles and Esther. Blessings!

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