Day 5 in Ndalani

It’s been tough for me to verbalize what has been going on here in Kenya. I have been overwhelmed by the ferocity of the Father’s love, and the way that I have seen Jesus in the eyes of every person we have had the honor of meeting here. The way the Lord pursues, redeems, saves and most importantly, loves, has begun to overtake my soul, change me, and again teach me just how good God is.

Today, we had the privilege to stay in Ndalani. The first activity of the day was visiting a 6th grade English classroom. We were immediately greeted by 30-40 huge smiles, and even bigger hearts. After we were greeted, we sat down with the children as they continued with their English lesson. I sat by 4 young men; Andrew, John, Elijah and Simeon. The first thing I noticed was that one of the boys, John, had his notebook full of vocabulary words and grammar practice. It was amazing to see such focus and work ethic from such a young man (John was only 10, and is already in the 6th grade), but as I am beginning to find out, hard work and focus come pretty standard here at MCF. After they finished their lesson, we had a chance to fellowship, and I was blessed to hear the testimonies, interests, dreams and aspirations of these captivating young men. Andrew wants to be a doctor, John wants to be a singer, Elijah wants to be a footballer, and Moses wants to practice law. To be so young, yet so determined and driven, was astounding to me.

After visiting the classroom, we were taken on a tour of the athletic compound. We were showed where the kids played football (soccer), basketball and volleyball. Next, we were taken to an agricultural area, where certain aspects of the sustainability that occurs at MCF were explained to us. The more I listened, the more amazed I was; never have I seen a place that is so intentional with every action, every resource, and every aspect of life. Everything is utilized; from animal waste, to recycled water, and even just simple gravity. It’s all used in order to create an environment that not only fosters healthy living, but also honors the Lord. To say it was convicting is a serious understatement; the Lord began to speak to me about what being a good steward of the Earth really looks like.

After the agricultural area, we had the chance to visit another classroom; this time, it was an 11th grade organic chemistry class. Immediately, I saw two students who I recognized, Nancy and Mary. They had been in my group during the food drive earlier in the week, and as we worked, they tried (to no avail) to teach me Swahili. As we took our seats among the class, Nancy and Mary called me over to sit with them. After introductions from the teacher, we were given over 30 minutes to fellowship and learn about each other. Two other young women joined us, Mercy and Sharon, and we spent the time sharing testimonies and learning about each other’s culture. They asked such good questions about America, sometimes too good; everything from economics, to politics, to agriculture, to sports. Afterwards, Kevin and Nancy had the chance to share about what the Lord was showing them through the kids, which was a really special time for everyone there.

We ate lunch, and then trekked out into the community to in order to bring food and the love of Jesus to those in the community who were too old to work, and were without food due to the drought. In addition to the food, we also brought two young goats with us. Getting one goat in particular to the house started out as a nightmare, so Hernando picked one up, threw it over his shoulders and walked it all the way out to the community. Absolutely incredible. Once we reached the first house, we were met by a woman, and her 105 year old (or older) mother in law, whose name was Anne. Anne was unable to work, due to her age, so her daughter-in-law began taking care of her. After talking with the younger woman, Hernando put it best. She loved and served just as Ruth did, and her love for Anne truly showed us the love of Jesus. We were able to bless them with food, the two goats, and a beautiful prayer from Pedro. Shaking the hand and greeting a woman who is 105 years old is something I will not soon forget, and she was such a blessing to all of us.

We then walked to another house in the community, and were able to bless yet another woman over 100 years old, and her family. As we talked and prayed with her, it was impossible not to notice the living situations of these people. The land was dry and fruitless, the houses were small and it was clear to see there was not enough food to feed the people living in the homes. It was a moment of clarity for me; to realize this is the reality that these people face on a day in, day out basis. As a team, we felt privileged to be able to fulfill a basic need, and to pray with them for such simple things like rain and food.

We then returned to MCF, and attended chapel with the older children. We were blessed to hear the choir perform (literally the sound of angels), and afterwards, perform a skit. For some reason, the team deemed it a good idea to cast me as the main character. BUT, the kids seemed to enjoy it, and thank goodness Kim taped my lines to the prop we used..

One of the most moving parts of the day was Kevin sharing his testimony. As I listened to his words, I could not help but be overwhelmed by the pursuit of the Lord for us, and the love He has for each of us. I was personally moved by his testimony, and I am sure it spoke to just about everyone in the room. Again, just another example of the furious love the Lord has for us, and how good He is.

Being in Kenya is something that is changing me, and I believe all of us. To be in community with so many people who honor and serve the Lord is teaching me so many things each and every day. The team is wonderful, but continue to be in prayer for our health, as some are starting to feel the effects of a spiritually and physically challenging trip. Be also in prayer for the wife of Isaac, one of Charles’ children, as she is in the hospital

Be encouraged; good is happening here in Kenya. The Lord is moving; he is faithful, awesome in power, and His love is being given and received by all. Ansanti sana, much love for everyone.



3 thoughts on “Day 5 in Ndalani

  1. Ryan – what a gifted writer you are! Thank you for taking the time to give us a peek into your lives over there in Africa. Praying for your group & the heath of all. Hugs from me to Kim & Craig today 🙂


  2. Wow…sounds like quite a day (and trip thus far). Thanks for sharing. I’m lifting the team up in prayer each morning!


  3. Thanks for sharing this Ryan. It sounds like it was quite a day! I continue to pray for the team’s safety and unity and effectiveness in glorifying God there in Kenya. Blessings to you!


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