Day 6 at MCF Ndalani

 This morning we walked about 2 km from MCF to visit one of the many primary schools that Charles and Esther created 6 years ago and continue to support in their surrounding communities. More than half of the teachers there were MCF beneficiaries, some of which were on break from their studies at the university and came back to work there. The children there are taught about Jesus during school but go back to their homes in the evening so they don’t always have the reinforcement from their family to grow in Christ. It gave us a great opportunity to share the Word and bring them closer to Him.
After a short testimony from Kevin and a lesson from the team on receiving our new identity in Christ, we broke the team up into groups to study all the verses in the Bible that describe who God says we are as His children. We had some really spirited and challenging questions from the children afterwards such as:
Do angels sin?

If we are born again and then we sin, will we lose our salvation?

Where does God come from?

In the Bible it talks about the numbers 666 representing a man, why is that?

When Satan tempted Jesus, he promised to make him the king over all the world, does that mean that Satan rules over the world?

What do you do if someone who died comes back to attack you when you sleep?

If Satan went back to heaven and asked for forgiveness, would he be forgiven?

Luckily for us the Holy Spirit was there to help guide us in the answers. 

We finished by praying for many of them to receive Jesus as their Savior and for God to continue to bless their hearts, their minds, and their bodies. The teachers also asked us to pray for the resources to build a kitchen and dining hall for the students to eat in as they have to walk some distance from the school buildings to eat the 3 meals a day that MCF provides.

After walking back to MCF we split the team up into two groups to cover more ground. Half of us went to do a Daniel and the lions den craft activity with the smaller kids and the other half went to do a bible study with the high school students. As always, Hernando was filled with the Spirit who led him to one perfect bible verse after another as we studied Who is God? and Who does God say we are as His believers? Many more Spirit led questions by the kids made for some great discussions.
The group came back together for some fun at the soccer field as Lucy taught the children how to play Ultimate frisbee. The kids caught on to the game quickly and after a close 3 to 2 match, our mission team was wore out trying to keep up with the level of talent, energy and excitement displayed by these amazing kids.
After a few quick showers and a brief rest, we were off again to do evening devotions with the younger children. A very enthusiastic sermon was given about how we should be well prepared for when Jesus returns through constant prayer, memorization of scripture verses, and by serving others.
We were once again blessed to hear the younger mission choir who closed out our night by listening to them sing worship songs before going to bed. What an amazing day filled with God’s grace. As the children say, “Hallelujah, amen, glory to Jesus!”

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