Day 7 – Our last day in Ndalani

We were excited this morning to walk back out into the foothills of the mountains to encourage and share the love of God with two more families in the community. A few of our team members carried goats and several bags of food to provide for those in need. Our first stop brought us to a mother Elizabeth and her two sons Sylvester and Dennis who were ages 12 and 9. Elizabeth also has a daughter who is being taken care of by her sister. The mother has been immobilized by back problems so she can no longer pick beans at MCF to feed the family and keep her two sons in school. She also is unable to keep the baboons from stealing their food crops. The father left the family in January to find work in Nairobi but has not yet returned to visit or send back any money. Thankfully, the family’s neighbor Cecilia comes every day to assist with cleaning and cooking work. The boys walk several kilometers to fetch water with a wheelbarrow every day now that they are out of school. We encourage you to please pray for this family as they are in great need.

Pray for the healing of Elizabeth’s back.

Pray for the healing of Sylvester’s eye.

Pray that the boys will be able to return to school.

Pray that Elizabeths daughter will be able to return home to her mom.

Pray that the father will find work and return to help take care of the family.

Pray for protection from baboons.

May God bless you for your prayers!
As we walked a little further up the mountainside, we met 42 year old Victoria and her 79 year old mother Elizabeth who was visiting from far away. Victoria has 3 daughters ages 22, 20, and 18 and a son who is 15. She tries her best to support their education so they will not have to struggle through life like she does. Unlike most homes that we have visited, Victoria’s husband lives there but was out looking for casual labor.
She and her family attend the local catholic church and one of the church members pays to keep four cows grazing on her small plot of land. This income helps her to provide schooling for the children. We praised her and gave her encouragement for keeping her children in school and then she asked us to pray for her to be energized in Christ, to bless the hands of her work, to bless their children to remain in Christ, for the husband to find work and for the healing of her mothers swollen leg who had to be taken to a doctor as we left.

After lunch, we were invited to meet with Charles and Ether down by the river who gave us insight into all that will be happening in the coming weeks at MCF. We gave God glory and praise for all the good work that He is accomplishing through each of them and for their continued obedience to His calling on their lives.
Once again it was a blessing to have such a large mission team this year as it gave us another opportunity to split up and engage with more of the children. Linda, Nancy, Kim, Julie, Charlie, and John T went to do a craft with the younger children with the message of God saving Daniel from the lions den. Pedro, Ryan, Lucy, Blake, Kevin, and Craig went back over to the soccer field for another fun filled game of ultimate frisbee with over 100 children.
On our last night here in Ndalani, God had one more blessing for us to experience as we got the opportunity to join the older secondary school children in their evening devotions. The worship songs and prayers we witnessed from the children were testimony to Jesus’s great love for us and the presence of the Holy Spirit filling the room. Pastor Pedro gave a powerful sermon on the healing of the woman in the synagogue in Luke 13:10-13 and then called for anyone who was ready to devote their life to Christ. Two boys and four girls stepped forward in that moment. How amazing is our God? We stayed after the service as local pastor Justice talked to the 6 children and we took a moment to encourage and pray over them. Pedro told us later that he had prayed before he gave the sermon, “God hide me so they can see you clearly”. Moments later as he walked up and stood at the alter to start his sermon, the power went out. He continued in the dark with great conviction as the Holy Spirit led his every word.
We are all very emotional that this was our last night in Ndalani but we are very grateful for the time we had here and the relationships that we have built with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our hearts are filled with His love for these children. By the grace of God we pray to be able to return again soon.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Our last day in Ndalani

  1. “God hide me” and the power went out. Thank You Father for the way You answer our specific prayers! Thank You for these precious souls who now are adopted in Your family! Thank You for healing Elizabeth and Sylvester and protecting and providing because You are LOVE!


  2. What a wonder-filled and powerful time your team has had on this trip. May God continue to bless and keep you as you finish up your work in Kenya and travel home. I’ve been blessed to read of your interaction with the children and the love and support that God has allowed you to bring to so many needy families. May God continue to bless Charles and Esther and all the MCF family and community.


  3. God is GOOD! What a blessing to read about the blessings you have experienced. Prayers go out to these people as they face daily struggles. May God continue the work you have started.

    Prayers for safe travels as the team returns to the States.

    God Bless!!!!


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