Have You Purchased Your Movie Tickets Yet???

This powerful film tells the story of Dr. Charles M. Mully, a man who gave up riches and power to help the more than 2.6 million abandoned children living on the streets in Kenya, Africa. The movie’s themes of selflessness, service, and the intrinsic worth of every child drew us to this film – and I know they’ll reverberate in your heart, too.

Mully’s life story is truly incredible, a rags-to-riches story like you’ve never seen before. And this film, shot on location in Kenya, tells it well.

Moviegoers will see Charles Mully as a young man facing faces poverty and homelessness after being abandoned by his family – at age 6. Despite overwhelming odds, Mully’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit helped him achieve great wealth as an adult.

But it’s at this pinnacle of success that God “interferes” with Mully’s picture-perfect life. He soon realizes there’s a larger purpose to life – which leads Mully to shock his wife and children when he puts it all on the line to help abandoned children living on the streets.

Watching how God used Mully and his family will inspire you – because God also has a calling for your life and your family.

In Mully’s own words:
“My hope is that this documentary will encourage people, especially Christians, to ‘trust in the Lord with all their heart and not to lean on their own understanding’ … to be obedient and say yes to God when He calls them. Each and every one of us needs to know that we are God’s creation, we are His people, and should be ready to move from our comfort zone to wherever He sends us.”

I hope you’ll consider joining us at the movies for the three-day only run of “MULLY” on Tuesday, Oct. 3, Wednesday, Oct. 4, and Thursday, Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. local time in theaters nationwide. A portion of the film’s proceeds will go to support orphans domestically and internationally.

You can learn more about “MULLY,” and purchase tickets online at  https://mullymovie.com/theaters

Hope to see you there!

God Bless

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