A man of faith and vision

John Kinatel is a man after God’s own heart.

John’s father was a cattle herdsman who married five wives and John was born the last male child out of many siblings. In the Maasai tribe, each family was only required to send one male child to school and since John was the smallest and least skilled at tending to cattle, his Father chose him to be the only one in the family to receive an education.

John’s tribe had never heard the message of the Gospel but two Christian missionaries from Canada changed that when they visited his community in his late teen years and John used the gift of his education to learn about Jesus. John immediately accepted Christ as his Savior. He went on to finish his education and later became a leader of his community where he built the first church and along with his wife Esther, went home to home, sharing the good news of the Gospel with the rest of his tribe.

As God’s perfect will for John’s life unfolded, he was blessed with five of his own children. John wanted all of his children and all of the children in his community to have the same opportunity for an education that he had but the nearest school was more than 15 miles away. As John was walking on his property one day, he stopped under an Acacia tree and prayed that God would help him build a school on that spot for all the Maasai children to attend.

Eighteen years later, we witnessed John’s vision and God’s plan being fulfilled with almost 250 children in school learning about God’s Word and singing His praises.

John is a faithful son of God. These children are now filled with God’s love and grace and they have received the gift of eternal life. Thank you Jesus for the hope and joy you have poured out into their hearts. You are worthy of our praise!

Please join us in praying for God’s will to continue to be fulfilled here in the Maasai community of Loodariak. In order to continue His good work, they will need to construct additional school buildings, purchase new school books and desks (currently shared by every 6 children), provide more food for lunchtime meals, pay for additional teachers salaries, and finish the expansion of their church building. In September, the entire community will be gathering together to contribute goats and cattle to be sold for funds for these efforts.

Almighty God, please help us to be obedient to the calling you have put on each of our lives, just like your good and faithful servant John. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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