The Angels Rejoice!

Monday in Ndalani

Today we had the distinct pleasure of walking out into the community with Mommy Esther to visit with a family in need. So much is written about how Charles Mully has a heart for rescuing children, but I must tell you that it is truly amazing to witness first hand Esther’s kind heart and nurturing spirit as a mother to thousands of children. She exemplifies the love of Christ like no one I have ever witnessed.

Over the years of visiting with people in the surrounding communities here in Kenya, it is most common that we find mothers or grandmothers who are struggling to care for children while the father is off trying to find work. Today we met Simon, a 42-year-old man with 6 children. His wife had left 3 years ago to help take care of their eldest son’s wife who had been injured but she never returned. Simon lived on a quarter acre of land with two small one room huts that he had inherited from his father. He had very few crops on his land that he grew to feed the family the best he could, and he walked the community every day to find casual jobs for money to buy food. The whole family including Simon himself looked extremely malnourished and deeply discouraged by their struggles to survive.

Mommy Esther had been there to visit with him the week before and she had already rescued the youngest child Fidelis who is age 8. Esther hesitated to take the next older sibling Joseph age 13 and his cousin Martha age 10 who lived nearby simply because there are so many desperate children in need in the county and with limited capacity and resources at MCF, she unfortunately too often is forced to focus on the absolute direst of cases. Esther was troubled by her decision and asked the group what we thought about bringing the children back to MCF with us. Andrea and Julie immediately stepped in and committed to sponsoring the other two children so that they could be rescued. After seeing the conditions and hearing their story, there was no way that we could leave them behind. We asked the children if they wanted to go with us and there was no hesitation. Their brother Fidelis had already done a good job of telling them how wonderful MCF was.

After getting his approval to take the children with us, we asked Simon what he knew about God. He said that he did not have a relationship with Him. He did not know anything about Jesus. After sharing the good news of the gospel with him, explaining how much Jesus loved him, and how He had sent us there with goats and food to provide for him and his family, Simon was ready to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. The enemy tried to make his presence known and distract us with a young man who was walking around the hut clearly high on drugs, but his feeble attempt was easily rebuked and we continued on. Pastor Mike walked Simon through a prayer of salvation and we all shared the love and affection for Simon that God had placed in our hearts. Not one but three of His beloved children would end up being saved today and come to know His abundant love and grace. We praised God and thanked Him in prayer.
Please join us in praying for Simon to grow in his new-found faith, to trust in God to meet his needs, for protection from the evil one, and for Simon to turn to Him in prayer and worship each day. Simon also asks that we pray for his wife to return to him one day.

Later in the day, we spent time doing crafts in the classrooms with the grade 5 students and got to spend lots of quality time in small groups with the grade 9 students encouraging them in their school studies, their future dreams, and their faith. It was so amazing to hear their knowledge of scripture and to hear them testify how God is working in their lives. They all have a strong desire to give back to others what they have been so richly blessed with.

We finished our evening with a visit from the MCF mission choir. Two of the children gave us their testimony and then they all lifted their voices up to heaven in praise. We hope you listen and enjoy.

Thank you all for your support, may God bless you richly!

2 thoughts on “The Angels Rejoice!

  1. Miss Esther is the best!! I love her sweet way with the children and those in need. Thank you Jesus for the salvation of this precious man and two more of his children!! Thank you Andrea and Julie for sponsoring them and the angels are singing and partying big time at three more lost sheep coming home.
    Love to all,


  2. Man! What beautiful singing. Thank you for sharing consistently. I am praying for you and encouraged by the stories you’re sending home. Love y’all.


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