Restored Hope

Tuesday in Yatta

Last year when we visited Yatta, a new group of mothers and their babies had just started a two year program of spiritual healing and vocational training. Both the women and the babies were apprehensive about talking and interacting with us. When they gave us their testimonies, you could feel their pain and suffering through their tears as it was still fresh in their minds. After just one year, I praise God for the amount of change and healing that has taken place. It started with the babies who rushed over to greet us with hugs as soon as we walked into the room. As usual, the bubbles and stickers we brought for them were a huge hit.

After playing with the babies for some time, we went over to a sewing class and spent some time interacting with the mothers and hearing about their experiences at MCF and their hopes for the future. A few of us tried our hands at sewing but found it to be much more difficult than it looks. We then went down to the beauty class and several of our girls got their hair done by the students.

After lunch the men split up to visit with the boys in the welding class while the ladies went off to share testimonies, stories, and encouragement with a group of mothers.


In the afternoon, we went out into the fields with a group of the girls to plant some grevilia trees in order to support MCF’s initiatives for climate change in the region. These trees will help air quality, increase rainfall amounts, and provide fuel for cooking and heat at night.

We came back from the fields and were blessed to hear uplifting testimonies from two of the girls. Faith is age 17 and has a 2 year old boy named Maxwell. Her parents could not feed her or pay for her school fees at age 14 so she moved away from her home to find work.  A man offered to take her in, feed her, and pay for her school fees but got her pregnant soon after. She did not want to be with this man but she could not take care of herself or her newborn baby at age 15. An MCF social worker heard her story and immediately rescued her. She is so grateful for the opportunity that she has been given and for knowing the love of Christ. Faith wants to be a cosmetologist when she completes the program next year and she went to Canada earlier this year as part of a MCF mission outreach team that traveled to share testimonies of faith in Christ with others who lack hope.

Mary is age 21 and has a two year old son named Joseph. She was one of six children who were raised by her single mother until she became very sick. Mary had to drop out of school at grade 10 in order to work to buy medicines for her mom and to help take care of her other siblings. She was also taken advantage of by a man and soon got pregnant. After giving birth to Joseph she had no hope of being able to provide for herself, her mom, her siblings, or her newborn baby. That is until God stepped in and brought hope back into her life through MCF. In comparison to last year, we didn’t witness any tears, pain, or suffering. Both of the girls had smiles on their faces as they gave their testimony and were filled with hope and joy for their new life. Praise God for his grace and supernatural healing!

We finished the evening in Yatta by going to the evening devotions where we worshipped together and pastor Mike preached a message about being a shining light for Jesus and sharing love with others. The women and children expressed their appreciation when we handed out knitted baby blankets provided by the Mount Pisgah blanket ministry.


Please join us in praying for the young women and children at MCF Yatta and thanking God for rescuing them. “Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven! For His mercy endures forever.” Psalms 136:26

Thank you and God bless you!

3 thoughts on “Restored Hope

  1. What an amazing report. The work this place is doing is definitely God’s work. I am sure you all were blessed beyond belief.


  2. I remember going and trying to break into groups and get the girl’s to share. We hadn’t built any level of trust with them so they mostly sat quietly and we shared. What a difference when the babies and young moms recognize u!! So uplifting to see pictures and hear of great progress!!
    Love to all the team!


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