Our 1st visit to MCF Vipingo

Thursday in Vipingo

We woke up early Thursday morning and went to the airport to catch a plane over to Mombasa to visit with the 240 children at MCF Vipingo. It has been many years since this school, located on a small 1.5-acre piece of property, has had any outside visitors mainly due to security risks in the area and a culture of voodoo and witchcraft in the surrounding village. All the more reason for us to be here!

We arrived at the school late in the afternoon and the children could not be more excited to see us. The amount of love and affection that we felt when they greeted us was incredible. We were taken on a tour where we saw the bore hole that Charles drilled for clean water here 15 years ago. Most people charge for clean water in this area but MCF provides it to everyone for free just like the free schooling and free meals that are provided each day to children that often get no other food. There are even 30 to 50 children who don’t go to school there but come for a free meal each day. No one is turned away.

We toured several of the classrooms before getting some one on one time with the grade 8 through grade 10 kids. MCF currently does not have enough space or resources for grade 11 and grade 12 classes here so many of them are preparing to continue their education by being transferred to Ndalani. Several of us gave our testimonies to the kids and did our best to encourage them in their own faith and the pursuit of their dreams.
We spent time with the younger children doing bubbles, signing worship songs, dancing with streamers, and decorating paper plate crowns to represent that they are all princes and princesses of our Father, the mighty King of all Kings.

The children blessed us in return with their own presentations of singing, dancing, performances, karate, and acrobatics. None of us wanted to leave as the sun was setting but it was time for the children to walk back to their homes in the village.

As we were driving back to the hotel, we saw exactly why there is such a need for MCF here as we witnessed just how prominent prostitution, drugs, and alcohol abuse is with the locals. It was a Thursday evening but you felt like it was a Saturday night in Panama City or Las Vegas with all the partying going on. It felt like a new Sodom & Gomora. It was explained to us that due to the extreme level of poverty, both the girls and boys are expected to contribute to the family financially as soon as they “come of age”. People apparently come to this beach resort area from all over the world specifically for its availability of child trafficking. Before this happens to a child in the MCF school, they are transported to Ndalani but my heart aches for all those kids who don’t have the protection of MCF.

Please pray for all of these children.

One thought on “Our 1st visit to MCF Vipingo

  1. Continued prayer for you Kenya Team! I read joyfully of the good works you are doing to serve God’s people there. May each person that the team encounters feel God’s presence and saving grace. You all are demonstrating God’s Love in mighty ways! Hugs to each of you!!! Nakupenda! xoxo


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