Dama Kazundu

On Saturday morning we went back to MCF Vipingo and took one of the grade 9 students out into the community to meet his family. Leon Kazundu is one of 8 children being raised by his mother Dama who is a widow. Six of the children are her own and she is caring for two of her eldest sons children while he is off working. Dama struggles to provide for the children, looking for casual work sweeping and doing laundry for other people in the village but due to back pain she has had to resort to selling homemade liquor made from coconut juice and battery acid. Leon had to drop out of school in grade 3 when his mom could no longer afford school fees and food for him. For the next three years, Leon lived as a street boy, doing whatever it took to survive. Leon got the opportunity to return back to school when the headmaster of MCF came to rescue his older sister who had also dropped out of school and was taken in by a man in the community. She made the choice to marry instead of returning back to school which left a spot open for Leon to take her place.

Leon was appreciative of his opportunity to escape life on the street. Through MCF, he came to know the love of Jesus as his Savior. He worked hard to catch up in his schooling and he became a model for his two younger brothers and sister who would also be rescued by MCF. Leon showed us a 2nd house that he had built himself on their property for he and his brothers to sleep in. He looks forward to finishing secondary school at MCF Ndalani and being able to continue to help his family.

Before we left, we discovered that all of the children had been saved but they all wanted their mother Dama to accept Christ. Dama had seen the light of Jesus in the kids and was ready to embrace Him herself. She also asked that we pray for healing of her back. We all laid hands on her as Pastor Mike walked her through a prayer of salvation. After we rejoiced with the Angels in heaven, Dama demonstrated that she could now bend over and touch her toes which she had been unable to do just minutes before.

Praise the Lord!

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