Next we stopped in the town shopping area to meet Gladdis. Gladdis was the third born of 10 children. She had been forced to drop out of school in grade 7 to help her mother cook food each day to sell in the market. When a campaigning government official came around in 2005 and told her about MCF in hopes of getting votes for helping struggling families, Gladdis applied to the Yatta womens program and was accepted in 2006. After graduating two years later, Gladdis came back to Vipingo and went to work for a sewing shop in town. A few months later she had saved up enough money to buy her own sewing machine and started her own business from home. Gladdis now owns her own sewing shop in town and gives back to her community by teaching 6 other local girls how to sew. Gladdis met a young man last year and recently asked Mommy and Daddy for their blessing to get married. She asked that we pray over her heal that she uses to operate the sewing maching as it has been causing her pain and that we pray for the rest of her family.

After spending time with the girls currently in the Yatta vocational program earlier in the week, it was incredible for us to witness this great success story and hear the impact that God had on this young woman’s life through MCF. Praise God!

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