Gold and Elizabeth’s Mom

Gold and Elizabeth Kombe are sisters who are both in primary school at MCF Vipingo. Their mother is a widow with five children. She has severe pain in her legs that prevents her from working so her only source of income is operating a bar outside her house. When we asked if the girls were safe at night with men getting drunk outside, it was obvious by her reaction that they were not. Her eldest son’s wife had also committed suicide last year and he was forced to move back home with his own two children after being discharged from the hospital with a debilitating illness. The middle son Karisa is in school at MCF Ndalani studying to speak German and become a nurse. When Ndondo Mully told him earlier in the week that she was coming with us to Vipingo, he asked her to bring us to his mother’s house to pray for her salvation. He also asked that we rescue his younger brother and his two nephews while we were there.

Before we prayed for her salvation, the mother asked how she could accept Christ while she was a sinner. Ndondo and Festus informed us that the mother had been involved in witchcraft and worship of evil spirits and that this was a very common cultural practice with the people in this community. We explained to her that Christ loves us while we are yet sinners and that Jesus is the only atonement for our sin.

Festus led the group in a powerful prayer of deliverance as the group laid hands on her. A woman walking down the street came in behind us and joined us in prayer. After casting out the evil spirits, we led her in a prayer of salvation and we prayed for healing of her legs. Before we began praying, the air had been stagnant and warm, but as soon as we began to pray, a strong breeze rushed through the area. It was apparent that the Holy Spirit was upon us and the mother who had limped out of her house to greet us when we arrived now lept out of her chair and was moving around freely with a smile on her face. She was healed and praised God along with her children. She asked us to pray for alternative work so that she no longer would have to operate the bar and the group encouraged her with alternative ideas for income. Before we left, the youngest brother and the two young nephews were rescued by MCF to further relieve her dependence on income to provide for them.

We remained around the home while the mother tried to locate the eldest son so that we could pray for him as well, but he was not to be found. Please join us for praying for this young man and for his mother as they continue to face the enemy’s attacks.

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