The Village Elder

Next we visited the home of Kitsao who is a 68 year old elder of the community and his wife Damaris. They have been supporting MCF’s presence there ever since Charles Mully first came and bought the land there and told them about his vision of starting the free school. When asked why he supports MCF, Kitsao explained that he had witnessed how much more successful his people were when they finished their education and he wanted a better life for his own 7 children. Kitsao has already had two of his children graduate from MCF. One is now a teacher, and the other has a job in Nairobi. Three more children are in Primary school in Ndalani and his two youngest children are in school here in Vipingo. Gold is 8 years old in grade 2 and Mohammed is 11 years old in grade 4.

Kitsao told us that everyone in his family was a follower of Jesus but asked us to pray for healing of his leg that he had broken back in 1991 while riding a bicycle and it had never healed properly. We all laid hands on him and he thanked God for sending us to visit with him.

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