William Etabu

William Etabu is a teacher at MCF Vipingo that loves God and loves children. He was born in Turkana in northern Kenya near the Sudan border. He migrated south to live in the Kitali slum in 1992 at the age of 13 after all five members of his family had died and he was left alone. William himself was struck with polio and lost the use of his legs. He was sleeping in the street, eating leftovers from garbage, and inhaling gas to escape from his pain and suffering. He was covered in fleas and would bathe himself in sewage water. A day came where he said to himself that he would surely die if he did not get food to eat. A man named Charles Mully walked up to him in the slum that day. Charles hugged William, picked him up off the street, and carried him to a Baptist church nearby. Charles fed him along with several other children and talked about Jesus’s love for them.

William was taken to MCF Eldoret and began grade 1 at 13 years old. Charles paid for surgery on Williams legs two years later and restored his ability to walk. William would go on to complete his schooling at MCF and then attend the University of Kenya where he would graduate with his degree. When Charles bought the land here at MCF Vipingo, William jumped at the opportunity to teach the students here and give back to other children what God so richly blessed him with.

Before we left to head back to Nairobi, we met with the rest of the teachers and staff who all so selflessly pour into the kids each day. We expressed our appreciation for their love and dedication to the students with small gifts, words of encouragement, and prayers.

Please join us in praying for our wonderful brothers and sisters here at MCF who make daily sacrifices to be the body of Christ for these kids and this community.

Thank you for all your prayers. God bless you!

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