Kibera Slum

God’ s blessings continue as the rains paused and the sky cleared as we visited to slum to visit two families. Both families were single mothers whose dependence upon the Lord’s provision and unconditional love for their children was remarkable.

Maureen is a mother of two, Ian and Brevan, who attend primary school nearby when she can manage school fees. Patricia is extremely intuitive and clever as she has a shop and sells items she makes to earn a meager living. She attends Calvary church and has a small group she says keeps her accountable to God and her relationship with Jesus.

Patricia is a mother of 10 including two toddlers she cares for from her daughters. She has been blessed to have 4 children be rescued by MCF. She gets up at 3:00 am to buy vegetables to sell and earn a living. Patricia praises Daddy Mulli for the love he has for the least of these. Moses, was with us and is the second oldest and now attends Mully college studying hospitality and business. He hopes to get a job to help his family and provide school fees for his brothers after graduation.

Both mothers said their #1 priority was to teach the children the gospel and to know and respect God word. Quite amazing in the midst of their struggle. Join us in praise as they follow Deuteronomy 11:19 which tells use to instruct our children to know, respect and live as the Lord’s ambassadors.

Both mothers asked for prayers that they continues to rely on God’s wisdom, guidance and provision as they struggle to provide shelter and school fees for their children.

We prayed over both of these families and encouraged them with some groceries.

Thank you Lord for Maureen and Patricia. Guide them and hold them in you hands for comfort and strength as they honor you with their lives.

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