Worship In Loodoariak

This Masai village 2.5 hours southwest of Nairobi is a place where God is active in the hearts and minds of the Loodoariak Church congregation and community.

Our team was blessed to worship with John and Esther Kintalel who 17 years ago created the Eroret Christian School. They are employing the gospel to change cultural issues of early childhood marriage, polygamy, and female circumcision. The Lord has blessed their efforts as the school has grown to now have enrolled over 230 children.

Our worship was joyful for over 90 minutes with singing, dancing prayer and the word of God. Our devotions for our trip are from the book of Pslams and it was amazing that the sermon today was from Psalm 92.

After lunch we had small group discussions to talk about life and what challenges the community is facing. They are focused on the youth and regularly hold youth rallies on the weekends to discuss how to live as a Christian, work as a Christian and believe as a disciple of Jesus as they enjoy sports and games.

God has rewarded their efforts with increases in the number of women going to high school and some to college. Praise be to God!

Thank you Lord for the obedience and dedication of these servants who clearly love and depend on your grace to spread the gospel to the unreached.

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