Tuesday afternoon we visited two families in the Ndalani community near MCF. Both families struggle each day to provide food And water for their children. Thankfully, MCF provides free water for their use.

Agnes is married with 3 children and her husband attempts to find casual labor in town but ends up drinking alcohol and never gets home until late. Agnes works in a nearby shop and asked us to pray for her husband and his alcohol problem, strength to continue working and earn fees to send her kids to school.

Unemployment is over 40 % in this area and education is the only way out for the children to escape the cycle of poverty.

We encouraged Agnes with food supplies, prayers and praised her for her persistence and faith in God’s provision.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to visit Agnes and please strengthen her, cure her husband of his addiction and provide for the family.

One thought on “Agnes

  1. Such great reports of the love and power of God as He uses all of you so mightily. Praying that you will continue to experience joy and illumination from the Holy Spirit. Praying for your safety and good health and the good health of the Mully family. So proud and honored to see your love and energy —keep your eyes up and keep going! Sending love. Lisa and Mark


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