Yatta Women’s Center

Kim, Judy and Linda spent time with the 96 child mothers and then with the 65 babies at the Child Development Ctr.

The mothers have received vocational training, business skills, and faith counseling the past two years and are approaching graduation.

The ladies were asked to give a presentation on How to Live a Godly life once they leave MCF. They led a discussion on Obstacles from the Christian to the Core curriculum which includes personal, spiritual, and external obstacles they will face in the days ahead.

Kim , Judy and Linda used their life experience to relate to the issues they will faith. The presentation was well received as they shared encouragement , hope and forgiveness with the group.

Later John T joined the group as they visited the pre k children at the baby center. They loved on the kids with stickers, bubbles and more as songs were sung.

Father God thank you for the vision of Esther Mulli to create a vehicle to fight street trafficking with the Women’s Ctr. and day care for the babies of the mothers. Please pray for wisdom, strength and the resources to continue this transformative ministry

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