MCF Vipingo

Today we spent the first of two days at the MCF Vipingo school. The town of Vipingo is approximately 40 minutes north of Mombasa and this is a coastal area full of typical tourist issues such as drug trafficking, prostitution and voodoo.

The MCF day school is a beacon of hope in the midst of extreme poverty. Headmaster Vincent, Pastor John and their team of teachers and social workers minister to 215 students. They often visit the homes of the children to monitor the living conditions. For many children the only meals they get are the porridge and lunch they receive at the MCF school.

We give praise that all 27 students from last years 8th grade class qualified on the national exam to get transferred to the MCF Ndalani campus. The students work hard as they realize their faith and education are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty in their family.

We played games with the children and had a day of Olympic Games and fun. Then we visited the homes of three students attending the school.

Father God thank you for the vision you gave Charles Mulli and the blessing of the MCF Vipingo school. Give strength and wisdom to the teachers, protection for the students from the evils in this community, provision of resources to operate this center of excellence and hope in the midst of darkness and despair.

One thought on “MCF Vipingo

  1. I can only imagine the Bright Light of God’s Love that radiated from each of you in Vipingo! The Olympic Games will never be forgotten by those joyful children nor will they forget you and the fun day you brought to them. Sending you hugs and continued prayers. (BTW, I think I recognize that lime piggy.)


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