Day 2 in Vipingo

We had a great second day at the MCF Vipingo school with the students and staff. We learned Headmaster Nicholas has Malaria and we ask for prayers as he receives treatment at a local clinic.

The students sang songs, performed various drama presentations including the Charles Mulli story and demonstrated a karate exercise. Given the extreme conditions these children experience at home it is beautiful to witness them laughing and sing songs of praise as they journey through school together.

Our team did a skit based on the parable of the Good Samaritan and the kids loved that we included some students. Afterward we served a late lunch to the students and staff and then met with the teachers to present them with some appreciation for their tireless efforts to nurture, protect and mentor these children as offer the hope of a quality education.

Lord God almighty thank you for the Students and staff at the MCF Vipingo school. Protect them from the evils of prostitution and voodoo they face in the community. Strengthen the teachers and provide the wisdom they need to offer hope in the midst of despair.

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