Meeting Dalmus & Kaingo

Dalmus is 8 years old and in class 2 at the MCF Vipingo school. We were blessed to go to his home and meet his father Kaingo. The family has 9 children and the wife died due to sicknesses. Kaingo tries to make baskets to earn some income but often he is too weak.

No one in this family has got past grade 8 and Dalmus was sent to the school because his Dad knew there was something different about MCF. The family struggles with sickness, lack of food and steady work.

We presented food and supplies while describing how MCF loves because of the example of Jesus Christ. Kaingo said he knew about God but was somewhere in the middle about what to believe.

We asked if we could present the gospel and he said yes since you all loved us with food and help his son and his family he would listen. Kaingo accepted Jesus as his savior and a bright smile came to his face. Praise the Lord!!!

Pastor John will follow up in the coming days and get Kaingo involved with a fellowship groups. Immaculate, the MCF social worker will monitor the family and the progress of Dalmus as he progresses in school.

Thank you Lord for the bright light MCF provides in the Vipingo community. Thank you for the example of love the you gave us in your son Jesus Christ. Thank you for our new brother in Christ!!

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