Eunice Chiro

Sometimes we wonder how effective our donations are used to make a difference to those Jesus tells us are most in need – the widows and orphans. While in Vipingo we were blessed to visit an example of total transformation, Eunice, a MCF beneficiary, who now has her own hair salon.

Eunice was a total orphan and one of six children in her family. She entered MCF primary school in class 6 and in 2009 was transferred to the Yatta Women’s Vocation Center. Three of her family members have been fortunate to join the MCF family.

After graduation Eunice came back to Vipingo and now has her own hair salon. Eunice is thankful for MCF rescuing her, educating her, discipling her and providing parental love. Eunice hopes to expand her business and is praying for the resources to take the next step. She gives back by caring for three of her younger siblings and hopes to have a home of her own one day.

We thanked Eunice for allowing us to visit, praised her for the care she is providing her siblings and encouraged her with a new hair dryer for her business.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of seeing your mission for the least of these in action. Thank you for Eunice and her love and care for her family. Strengthen Eunice to be wise in business and grant her the discernment to expand her business to honor you!

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