About Our Mission Trip

Habari! (Hello), a team of 7 from Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church’s global missions team have been called to serve together in Kenya this summer. Our team members this year include Kevin Beebe, Nancy Beebe, Linda Gundlah, Kim Steuterman, Craig Steuterman, Julie Malmquist, and Charley Malmquist. For Nancy and Kevin, this will be their very first mission trip.

During our trip, we will fly into Nairobi and then travel to one of Glory Outreach Assembly’s inner city schools in Wendani. We will be visiting the Masai tribe’s Eroret School and Church in Loodoariak, and we will visiting three Mully Children’s Family locations in Lodwar, Ndalani, and Yatta. You can learn more about GOA and MCF at http://www.gloryoutreachassembly.org and www.mcfus.org.

Our mission is to bring HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT and most of all LOVE to whom all we will meet. Our acts of service will include:

  • Compassionately embracing and serving the people we meet and to help guide them to pursue peace and the ways of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
  • To follow Jesus Christ in assisting and working with the poor, displaced, orphans, street children, and the oppressed in Africa
  • Providing a VBS outreach to the children of an underserved Nairobi community
  • Entering Africa’s slum to share God’s love
  • Seeking to aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, education, and training of those we meet.
  • To offer nutritional care, love, support, and spiritual care.

We hope that you will follow us on our journey and support us with your prayers.

God Bless!